Hoffer Flowmeter

Image Hoffer Flow Meter Features:
• Outstanding accuracy at an affordable price.
• 5-Year Warranty on our HO Precision Series Turbine Flowmeters.
• Wide flow range ability in gas and liquid flows.
Turbine, Magnetic and Ultrasonic flowmeter styles.
• Simple and durable construction.
• Readout devices for flow rate indication, flow total, flow control, batch control and computer interface.
• Various certifications and approvals.

Markets/ Applications
Hoffer Flow Controls delivers dependable, cost effective and highly accurate turbine flow meters, flow computers, and flow rate indicators across numerous markets and applications including but not limited to the following industries:
• Processing
• Petrochemical
• Pharmaceutical
• Food, Beverage and Dairy
• Power
• Water & Waste Water
• Energy Management
• Marine/ Naval
• Oil & Gas
• Cryogenic Flow Measurement
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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