Thermo Prima Pro mass spectrometer


The unique and very recognized Scanning Magnetic Sector Mass Spectrometer from Thermo Scientific, Prima dB, has been improved with even better specifications. The new MS is called Prima Pro, and has won the ISA Innovation Award in 2010.

Prima Pro can be used for a lot of different applications, where gasses need to be analyzed.
Due to the measurement principle and the very efficient spectra treatment, Prima Pro is the best MS available for de-convoluting complex mixtures with many components.
Prima Pro can often replace the slower and specific GC-MS, and measurement of new components is easily implemented.

Prima Pro is a powerful analyzer, that is able to handle many gas-streams and on each measure many components.
Each component is measured from with a low detection level in the ppm area, and with a high accuracy.
Isotopic measurements can be made, which illustrates the capability of this analyzer.
Besides the precise measurement of individual components, Prima Pro can make a spectrum from 1 to 200 g/mol, where these multivariate data can be used to map new unknown components and trends in the process.

Prima Pro is based on Thermo Scientific technology called Scanning Magnetic Sector, which offers highly reliable and stable measurements of complex gas-mixtures, with very low maintenance.

Thermo Prima Pro MS for Offgas
Thermo Prima Pro MS for Biofuel
Thermo Prima Pro MS for Catalyst Research

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