CENTEC - Reverse Osmosis

The Application

The Reverse Osmosis is a physical principle for the concentration of diluted materials in liquids by using pressure to reverse the natural osmosis. The liquid which contains the material to be removed is separated by a semi permeable membrane to the liquid the concentration will be increased. The pressure of the to be treated liquid must be high enough to stop and reverse the natural force of the osmosis process in order to pass the membrane to the liquid which contains the increasing concentration. The treated water called permeate and is practically free of all impurities, salt molecules and bacteria.



  • Compact Design

with low energy consumption

  • Optional Process Visualisation

Visualize and store continuously the process on the

local PLC or at an upper SCADA System

  • Optional Validation / Qualification

for the use in pharmaceutical or Highly Purified

Watertreatment Systems



  • Hygienic

in design and fully integrated in the CIP process

  • Flexible

by using a local PLC or fully integrated in the overall process

  • Full automatic

controlled by high sophisticated process measurement

  • Energy-Efficient

by using high end components



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