Cryogenic Storage Tank

     PT.GLOBAL HADITECH cooperate with INOXCVA in terms of providing various kinds of gas storage tanks of large capacity to smallest. The kinds is a Vertical Storage Tank, Transport Tank, ISO and IMO Tank, And Microbulk.







Features :
  • High performance & extended hold time for lower life cycle cost.
  •  Provisions for transmitter mounting and telemetry.
  • Multiple anchor bolt provisions to meet all seismic zones.
  • Cold stretched  inner vessel.
  • Cleaned for oxygen service.
  • Long lasting high quality surface finish & paint.
  • Flow diverter valve with 2 relief valve as standard.
  • New easy access multi-functional single setting cryo regulator for pressure buliding & economizer.




  • Ergonomic piping and easy to operate valves in rugged valve cabinet.
  • Inner vessel safety valves with flow diferter valve for easy maintenance without depressurization.
  • Superinsulation system.
  • Anti-Lock bracking systems.
  • Rear fender with function light.




Features :
  • Tested for minimum 30 days product hold time.
  • High quality surface & paint finish.
  • Inner vessel safety valve with flow diverter valve for maintenance without depressurization.
  • Bellow sealed vacuum probe valve with gauge tube covered for protection.
  • Anti-Lock bracking systems.





- Microcyl
- Maxcyl
- Portacryo












Features :
  • High capacity regulator and built in PBU ensures continuous gas delivery with high purity.
  • Convenient handling by trolley (opt).
  • Ideal for “temporary user point” application.
  • Built in vaporizer coils to supply constant pressure gas at continuous flowrate.
  • Designed to suit DOT 4L requirements.
  • Pressure gauge and float type level gauge.
  • All parts are cleaned for oxygen services.
  • Product portability supports the option of being filled by transport tanks at customer location/sites or carried to ASU/bulk storage location for filling.











Features :

  • Stainless steel unique support system along with superinsulation ensures best thermal performance in the range
  • Convenient handling in empty condition by fork lift, mobile crane, chain pulley or over head crane
  • Ideal for “temporary user point” application
  • Built in vaporizer coils to supply constant pressure gas at continuous flowrate
  • Civil foundation not essential as units can be placed on level surfaces
  • 4” (10 mm) level gauge & pressure gauge












Features :

  • Combines all the features of a customer station tank and liquid
  • Convenient handling by forklift, mobile crane, chain pulley or over head crane
  • Ideal for “temporary user point” application
  • Combined pressure regulator with economizer function
  • Flow diverter valve provides safety valve insulation feature for maintenance
  • Corrosion free valve identification tags
  • Stainless steel lifting hooks at top


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