General Features of the Range

The Sarasota liquid density meters are of the proven vibrating element design which is widely accepted as the most accurate method of continuous, online density measurement and is therefore particularly suitable for fiscal/custody transfer duties. Several design features ensure improved repeatability and accuracy , contributing to the high integrity of the measurement. Thermo' s twin tube design is inherently more stable than single tube technology and an integral, high grade PT100 temperature element within the instrument allows compensation of the density meter for temperature effect and may be used for compensation to reference conditions.


Compact and lightweight, the density meters are particularly immune to plant vibration and in most cases, can be installed directly into existing pipework without the need for upstream flow conditioning, instrument supports, or pipeline clamps. Installation may be in any plane within the specified flow rates, and is quick and simple with minimal pipeline disturbance or process downtime.


The straight through sensor offers an unobstructed flow path to ensure minimal pressure drop, higher flow rates, and the ability to inspect and clean the instrument if required. A choice of wetted parts and sensor materials is offered including Hastelloy ® C276 for improved corrosion resistance, Ni-Span C ® for its low temperature coeffi cient for fi scal applications, and stainless steel for hygienic or general industrial use.


With hazardous area approvals on all models and secondary containment on the industrial, chemical and fiscal models, the instruments are suitable for use in most hostile environments.



Density Converter Electronics

A choice of density converter solutions offers end users full flexibility in the processing of the measurement data to best suit the application. A field mounted, Sarasota HME900 headmounted electronics unit conditions the output signal to give a HART compatible 4-20 mA output that can then be interrogated by any HART system. An optional local display on the Sarasota HME900 allows the process engineer to view the prime variable value either in engineering units alone, or with an alternating display of percent of chosen span.


Alternatively, the frequency and PRT (RTD) outputs from the density meter may be taken to a third party flow computer or remote Sarasota CM200 density converter . The Sarasota CM200 is a versatile unit that can be configured as required depending on the input/output requirements of the end user's application. The unit performs calculations to give the required density or density derived parameter. Full information about the density converters is available in the Sarasota HME900 and Sarasota CM200 density converter specification sheet.


Thermo's Applications Expertise Thermo has over 30 years applications expertise within the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. The ability to infer density related variables such as specific gravity, % concentration, °Brix, °API, °Baume, line density or referred density has led to an extensive range of applications from product identification and product quality control to system metering and custody transfer .


With a choice of wetted parts materials, the optimum choice of model to suit the application can be made. The stainless steel Sarasota FD910 suits a broad range of general industrial applications and the Sarasota FD930 has been specifically designed for hygienic applications. The Sarasota FD950 Hastelloy C276 version is more corrosion resistant and can be used in chemical or aggressive applications, and the Sarasota FD960 Ni-Span C fiscal model gives superior performance in the measurement of high value products such as liquid hydrocarbons.


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