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Master Magnets Eddy Current Separator System

The Eddy Current Separator (ECS) is an advanced non-ferrous separator that is capable of separating domestic and industrial waste into two individual containers, separating non-ferrous metals such as aluminium and copper from non-metallic materials such as wood and plastics. Non-ferrous separators are very common in the fast growing market of can sorting, where they can provide an accurate separation of aluminium cans from steel cans and plastic bottles. Dependent on the application there are two types of ECS rotors available, there is a high strength rotor for delicate or specialized separations, and a standard rotor for less complex separations such as cans.


Master Magnets ECS units are manufactured to combine the highest separating ability with a long, trouble free operating life.

The Master Magnets range of ECS units are all manufactured using a concentric rotor design to allow for maximum separation over the entire outer drum face. This design ensures that particles, which may be released from a product burden through material free fall, can also be separated.

All ECS rotors manufactured by Mastermag are also dynamically balanced at 3600 RPM to ensure a trouble free service life even at the highest operating speeds.

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