Metering System

PT. Global Haditech supply integrated metering system and total solution of maintenance and field service for metering system


Comprehensive in-house expertise in :

Metering instrumentation, validation software, electrical, mechanical engineering and project management for metering systems for the oil and gas industry. Metering System purchasing for Custody Transfer Measurement. Combined expertise for analyser and sampling systems will be used for online analyzer packages as well.




Scope of supply includes gas and liquid custody transfer metering and wet gas metering, including:


  • Concept & Design Engineering Application
  • Flow meters
  • Separators (Gas/Liquid)
  • Construction
  • Piping
  • Instrumentation
  • Validation systems
  • Prover systems
  • Supervisory Flow Computer Software and Hardware
  • Field Service (TSA) for Metering System
  • Start up & Commisioning of the Metering System
  • HMI Engineering & Design


All types of gas metering instrumentation are supplied based on different principles such as orifice, turbine fow meter, ultrasonic and coriolis. We will gladly advise on the most appropriate instrumentation for your purposes.

Global Haditech Solutions enable utilities to cost effectively generate, deliver, manage, and conserve the life essential resource such as oil and gas with accurate metering system. With Global Haditech, we can improve metering technology and take it to a higher level.








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