SAIMO - Belt Scale

The Saimo Series N64 Precision Belt Scale System is specifically designed for high accuracy and transfer of ownership applications with high accuracy of within ±0.125%.

The Saimo Series N64 is comprised of four parts: the N64 Full-suspension Weighbridge, the N60 Belt Speed Sensor, the 6301 Integrator and the 6301D Digitizer.

The load cells sense the belt load and transmit the analog weight value into the 6301D digitizer which converts the signal into a digital value suitable for the 6301 integrator. The speed signal of the belt conveyor is also sent to the 6301 integrator by the N60 speed sensor. The totalization and instantaneous flow rate can be integrated after processing both the signals received by the 6301 integrator.


N64 Weighbridge

Benefiting from the fully floating structure and applying either three or four idlers, the N64 Weighbridge features no pivots and moving parts. Steel tubing construction minimizes maintenance. Four load cell assemblies in two beams are installed in tension to support the weighbridge.

The weighbridge is also easy to install due to its unique two pieces design. Only eight bolts are required to mount the unit on to the conveyor stringers. The weighbridge can be applied in conveyors with belt width sized from 400 mm to 2,200 mm.

6301D Digitizer

The 6301D Digitizer acts as the link between the 6301 Integrator and the N64 Weighbridge. It provides excitation to the load cells and converts the analog weight signal into a digital value on a real-time basis. The outstanding high stability is achieved due to the stabilized digital output, which eliminates the signal loss on the cable. The 6301D Digitizer is maintenance free even without periodical calibration. The NEMA4 approved dustproof and watertight enclosure is fabricated with stainless steel.


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