Full elemental analysis and non coal specific

Unlike other elemental analyzers t hat use PGNA (Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation) analysis exclusively, the SODERN CNA is "full elemental". It is the only analyzer that directly measures al l major elements (up to 14) including Carbon, Oxygen and Hydrogen which determines a reliable Calorific Value without prior knowledge of coal type.


Cutting edge PFTNA Analysis

SODERN is world known for its state of the art technology, especially concerning the PFTNA (Pulsed Fast & Thermal Neutron Activation) analysis, recognized as the most sophisticated technology available today for on-line bulk material analysis and control. It makes the SODERN CNA unaffected by varying belt loading, density changes or changing blend ratios from multiple coals. Long-life Comprehensive in-factory calibration is maintained over time as the neutron flux output is fully controlled, remains constant and never changes with SAP System.


Stable Analytical Performance (SAP) System

Using a neutron source continuously controlled and stabilized electrically, guarantees maintaining the same level of performance over time. Moreover, this technology makes periodic and laborious on-site recalibration no longer necessary.


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