Thermo Scientific M-PULSe

The Thermo Scientific M-PULSe is a fast, accurate ultrasonic flowmeter for the custody transfer of petroleum products. It’s compact, easy to install, intrinsically safe and simple to maintain — saving you time and money.


System Features:

• Meter spool size from 4 to 16 inches with no moving parts
• ATEX Zone 0 (Class I Div 1) hazardous area certification
• Transducers that can be changed under line pressure without interrupting the process
• Recessed transducer design which is suitable for pigging
• Compensation for temperature and pressure inputs in accordance with API standards
• User interfaces include keypad and laptop configuration software through RS232
• Multiple levels of security ensure controlled user access
• Various batching options
• Self proving function
• Logs flow data, alarms, and audit trail


Accurate and Fast

Backed by years of ultrasonic manufacturing experience, the Thermo Scientific M-PULSe is the world’s first intrinsically-safe, multipath liquid flow measurement system. Ideal for use as a custody transfer meter for crude oil and refined products, it utilizes four-path transit time technology as well as compensation for temperature and pressure to provide the highest accuracy and repeatability attainable in a flow measurement device. A sleek, stainless steel spool, available in sizes ranging from 4 to 16 inches, and a lightning-fast flow computer operate in tandem to minimize product waste and increase your profit potential.



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