THERMO FISHER - NITUS Gamma Level and Density

Features & Benefits
  • Highly sensitive detector enables s ystem to  respond instantly to process changes to avoid overspills
  • Non-contacting, non-intrusive technology ensures low maintenance and long life
  • High accuracy and repeatability via small gamma source (100 mCi/3.7 GBq or less) improves plant safety and lowers capital costs
  • Zero drift over a wide temperature range ensures stability of detector for superior measurement accuracy
  • Source and detector install  o n same side of  vessel or pipe without shutting down the process
  • Remote detector electronics operate up to 50 feet from installation site for easier maintenance


Non-Contacting for Long Life

The internationally-compliant Thermo Scientific Nitus gamma backscatter gauge provides a dynamic new way to monitor level, density or interface applications online for improved process control and a strong return on investment. It features groundbreaking technology that uses a reduced source size to reliably measure level, density and wall buildup in the largest vessels and pipes, enabling mines to monitor overflow clarity and flocculants as well as control settling tanks and clarifiers with unprecedented precision. Unlike traditional sensors, the durable Nitus gauge uses non-intrusive, non-contacting gamma backscatter technology that i s unaffected by corrosive, abrasive, high temperature and high pressure process materials, ensuring minimal maintenance and long instrument life.


Small Source for Big Tanks & Pipes

Backed by 40 years of neutron backscatter product expertise, the Nitus system is engineered to respond instantly to significant density and level changes, enabling personnel to avoid process upsets such as tank overspills and other hazardous conditions. The system's breakthrough sensor includes the most stable and sensitive scintillation detector available yet requires a much smaller amount of gamma energy (100 mCi/3. 7 GBq or less) to achieve the same measurement precision. In fact, the amount of energy emitted by the source can be reduced by a factor of 200 without sacrificing rapid response or high precision. The smaller source also ensures a safer working environment and lowers capital costs.



Both the Nitus source and detector are installed on the same side of the vessel or pipe without having to shutdown the process, reducing costs and downtime. No thermo wells, site holes or other vessel modifications are necessary. In addition, the system can be setup using a Thermo Scientific Model 9734 handheld terminal, HART Communication module, Foundation Fieldbus (using Hart 475) module or TMT Comm via a laptop. A user-friendly menu enables quick configuration to expedite installation and start-up.

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