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The Thermo Scientific LevelPRO is the next-generation continuous level gauge from Thermo Fisher Scientific, the leader in gamma measurement with more than 45 years of experience. The LevelPRO features menu driven setup, a scintillation detector, and an integrated transmitter/detector design. We also offer a full service approach to gamma gauging, starting with installation, training and on-site service as well as decommissioning and source disposal.


Gamma Measurement Technology

The LevelPRO uses energy attenuation to measure level. A radioactive source (Cs 137 or Co-60) is contained in a lead-filled, steel-encased housing and mounted on one side of a vessel. A strip scintillation detector is mounted on the opposite side of the vessel. Gamma energy emitted by the source passes through the vessel walls and the air space above the process to the detector. As the level of the process material increases, the energy reaching the detector decreases. The LevelPRO electronics convert this change in energy to a level measurement. Using this technique, the LevelPRO can produce a highly accurate level reading and respond rapidly to variations in level.


Scintillation Detectors

The Thermo Scientific LevelPRO features an extremely sensitive and precise scintillation detector which enables the use of small sources. Detectors are offered in different lengths to accommodate various applications, and multiple detectors can be used together for large span requirements. Standard detector lengths are in 1 ft increments from 1 ft to 12 ft. A standard steel enclosure, or an optional water-cooled enclosure, is available for high-temperature installations.



The scintillation detector used with the LevelPRO is highly stable. This stability is achieved utilizing sophisticated pulse-height stabilization circuitry. By continually monitoring the pulses received from the detector , small changes in pulse height can be detected indicating a change in relative temperature. Using a sophisticated algorithm, the LevelPRO can adjust the reported signal value to compensate for the temperature effects to maintain stability over the operating range of the detector. No separate heater blanket is required. This technique allows the use of extremely small sources in most applications.


Features and Benefits
  • Non-contacting design makes the LevelPRO ideal for abrasive, corrosive, high pressure and high temperature applications.
  • Integrated transmitter/detector reduces installation and wiring costs
  • Unique gamma transmission technology is unaffected by process. variables such as pressure, temperature, viscosity or density.
  • Scintillation detector sensitivity provides high precision with small source sizes. Typical LevelPRO repeatability is 0.5% of the detector span.
  • Input for gas/vapor density or buildup compensation.
  • Outputs include level, volume and rate in any user-selected units.
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