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Thermo Electron Corporation offers users of its Sarasota range of liquid or gas density meters or specific gravity analyzers the choice of two density converter options to allow the optimum processing solution for the application to be selected. The Sarasota HME900 headmounted electronics option gives the user the power of control room electronics in the field with full HART compatibility.


For applications requiring greater input/output fl exibility or where the electronics are control room based, users may prefer the Sarasota CM200 density converter. The density converters accept the frequency and PT100 (RTD) temperature outputs from the density meter, together with a pressure input (if required), and calculate a selection of density and density derived parameters such as live density, specific gravity, molecular weight, °Brix, °Baume, °API, and gas compressibility (depending on fluid type).


The customer defined function (CDF) facility allows non-standard calculations to be performed such as %concentration, %solids, %alcohol, %fat using a look up table derived from customer supplied data. 



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