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MBL 500 Meter Run DIN 19205


For differential-pressure flow-rate measurement in aggressive and non-aggressive gaseous and liquid media and steam, particularly in smaller pipelines up to DN 50 (2"). 



Meter runs and orifice plates with ring chamber taps are provided with calibrated in- and outlet pipes. The two-part carrier-ring according to DIN 19205 has an exchangeable orifice plates. It can be delivered as an orifice plate according to ISO 5167-2, as quarter circle nozzle or as a double coned orifice plate according to appropriate conditions of use. Under special circumstances you may also find venturi tubes. Carrier-ring and orifice plate are supplied with a flat seal. The seal is chosen to suit accurately the medium and the working conditions. The meter runs are delivered fully assembled and ready for installation with either welded or flange ends. 



Taking accurate measurements in small bore pipe runs are often difficult as the installation itself creates interference. Accurate measurements may be carried out th ough because this construction, with inlet- and outlet pipes forming a unit with the ring chambers, leads to the orifice without obstruction. The use of calibrated pipes allows an exact value for the inner tube diameter D and surface. The range of measurement may simply be altered by exchanging the orifice plate. 






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