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Venturi Nozzle DV 700


For flow-rate measurement in aggressive and non-aggressive gaseous and liquid media and steam. 



A venturi-nozzle is a device composed of a tapered inlet with a rounded profile, a cylindrical throat and a diffusor (outlet cone). The positive measurement is performed through a single bores, the negative measurement is usually carried out through 4 bores that access a ring chamber. The venturi-nozzle is a welded construction consisting either of medium carbon steel or high-quality steel with flanges on both sides. A coating of plastic for the media-contacted surface and a complete construction out of plastic are possible. The calculation is accorded to ISO 5167-3. 



Venturi-nozzles find their applicati on wherever pressure –and therefore energy loss- have to be avoided. Comparing orifice plates with venturi-nozzles the remaining pressure loss for venturi is about 80% less and the rounded profile is less sensitive t han the feather edge of an orifice. 


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