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Modular & Customizable

Designed to manage the fluctuating requirements of the natural gas industry, the Thermo Scientific AutoMATE expands from a simple flow measurement application to a full measurement and control system. This easy-to-use device accurately measures one to four meter runs and can be customized per your initial specifications, then later adapted to meet additional application needs. Run switching, injection systems, gas samplers, a PID/proportional control and a plunger lift control can be incorporated to ensure optimum effectiveness, particularly at complex well sites. 


Accurate & Easy-to-Configure

Equipped with a 16-bit microprocessor and expandable onboard memory, the AutoMATE offers outstanding accuracy and repeatability to ensure the demands of AGA 8 Detail and other equations are met. Its user-friendly design facilitates setup and installation, enabling configuration on-the-spot or remotely via a personal computer or laptop. Once in operation, the AutoMATE continuously provides reliable, ongoing communication of valuable flow data from remote, unmanned locations. 


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