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Gas Separation Membranes

   Generon IGS, Inc. has been supplying GENERON gas separation membranes since the mid 1980’s. With a track-record of reliable and efficient membranes and our experience in the design of gas separation and purification systems, we work closely with OEM’s and System Integrators to add value to their customers.  We are using a variety of polymers to best fit our membranes to gas separation applications in all industries, e.g. N2-Generation, CO2-Removal, Gas Dehydration, H2-Recovery.

  Generon IGS controls all aspects of its proprietary and patented hollow-fiber manufacturing process: From formulation, to extrusion, to process treatment, to spinning, to post treatment, and ultimately to fabrication of the Gas Separation Membrane Modules. Painstaking QC and years of experience in the design and fabrication of membrane fibers, membrane modules and systems enables the GENERON fiber to be the standard of the industry.

   The foundation of Generon’s technology stems from Dow Chemical’s Polymer Research Group, which screened hundreds of polymers in the 1970’s and 1980’s before selecting the optimum combination of gas permeability and selectivity. This work has allowed Generon to lead the industry in the delivery of high productivity nitrogen solutions for over 20 years.

   Generon holds 15 patents covering the process of converting the polymer into hollow fibers about the size of a human hair. Specialized technology is required to balance fiber strength and gas flow characteristics to optimize fiber performance.

   Generon holds 20 patents covering the technologies used to bundle our polymeric fiber into completed modules. Each module has up to 1-million or more fibers and it is critical that each fiber be bundled in a way that insures that each fiber contributes to the gas separation process.

   Generon’s technology development over the past twenty years has improved membrane separation efficiency by 500%! Generon’s R&D efforts are continuing to broaden the number of applications and improve performance today and in the future.


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