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GEA PHE Marine


Safe on all of the world's oceans

Full speed ahead with plate heat exchangers by GEA PHE Systems: corrosion-resistant plate materials, compact design and low weight make our units ocean-going.

Shipbuilding and onshore/offshore engineering

Plate heat exchangers from GEA PHE Systems are optimally suited for all cooling tasks in the engine room. They have proved their worth, both technically and economically, as the best solution, as they ensure that heat generated by all machinery and components is fed to the central cooler via a fresh water circuit. In this way our customers easily meet the regulations for offshore environmental protection.

GEA PHE Systems know-how does not just safeguard the cooling of drive units. We also build reliable special designs for raw materials exploration and the onshore/offshore field (dredgers, drilling platforms, etc.). Our customers benefit from complete cooling units, comprising not only plate heat exchangers, but also extensive accessories such as CIP pumps, valves and control systems.



GEA PHE Systems plate heat exchangers are used on board in the following areas:

·         Lubricating oil cooling

·         Central cooling of main and auxiliary engines and/or turbines

·         Cooling of transmission, compressor and other lubricating oils

·         Heavy oil and lubricating oil pre-heating

·         Seawater pre-heating for fresh water production

·         Heat recovery

·         Heat exchange for air-conditioning of passenger and freight areas

·         Diesel fuel pre-heating


Marine engine construction

Cooling of diesel engines is the most important application of plate heat exchangers in the marine field. This is why we have designed our units so that they can be positioned separately next to the engine or be mounted directly on the engine block in order to save space.


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