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Generon Nitrogen Coal


The actual air separation process takes place in the Generon IGS Nitrogen Generator Membrane Modules. The module in which the nitrogen and oxygen separation takes place is a cylindrical bundle of hollow fiber membranes. Each bundle contains several million fibers, each about the size of a human hair. Pressurized air enters one end of the fibers and flows to the opposite end of the module through the fiber bores producing Nitrogen for your process.


Nitrogen Membrane Operational Dynamics

All Nitrogen Membranes are not created equal! The primary difference is the amount of compressed air needed to produce a unit of Nitrogen at a given purity and the operating pressure the membranes can operate at. The Generon IGS fiber is the world's most efficient at separating compressed air into Nitrogen. The following is an example of one supplier's efficiency compared to a Generon IGS's Nitrogen Generator System.


Generon IGS offers two types of Nitrogen Generators to the Mining Industry. Containerized Systems are suitable for locations outside of the mine shaft and Skid Mounted systems are suitable for operation inside of the mine shaft. All Generon IGS systems are certified to meet the mining industries exact specifications.




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