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NovaSulf™ HG400 Series H₂S Analysers
  • Measurement specific to H₂S
  • No interference from other components
  • Wide range capability
  • Fully configurable between 0-50ppb to 0-100%
  • Single point calibration
  • Low operational costs
  • Touch screen
  • Eliminates the need to open the enclosure
  • Different cell designs  
  • Maximises sensitivity and response times (as low as 10 secs)
  • Optional alarm outputs
  • Monitors low/high sample flow or paper break/motor failure
  • Up to 4 detection modules per controller (low range only)
  • Minimises capital investment  
  • Multi-streaming capability
  • Will control up to 4 streams with one controller
  • Compact Flash Card
  • Allows for remote evaluation and diagnostics



With its wide-ranging ability to measure H₂S from % levels down to ppb levels, the HG400 range of H₂S process analysers can be utilised in many process industries, including: Natural gas pipelines Reformer recycle gas Gas processing Offshore gas production Fuel gas monitoring Biogas.

A reel of paper tape impregnated with lead acetate is exposed to the gaseous process sample in the sample chamber. Hydrogen sulphide (H₂S) in the process sample reacts with the lead acetate, after acidification, to form lead sulphide (PbS), a brown compound that stains the tape. The higher the concentration of H₂S the darker the stain. A focused LED and single photo detector measures the darkening stain and the analyser reports this as a 4-20mA output of the concentration of H₂S. Incremental measurements are made on the same spot until saturation occurs, when the tape is advanced to a fresh portion of tape. This avoids the need for frequent zero or span calibrations.



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