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Icon sysco 2003

Icon scientific colour opacity and concentration monitor
  • Many petroleum and other products have a colour specification attached to them.
  • Colour measurement can indicate product changes in pipelines (interface detection)
  • Colour measurement can indicate heat exchanger leaks and unwanted product contamination
  • For coloured substances the strength of the colour can indicate concentration
  • Opacity measurement can indicate the presence of dirt and water.


How does the icon analyser work?

The analyser uses visible light produced by a 12V 10W tungsten lamp running under reduced voltage to increase its life. Light passes out of the analyser enclosure through an optical window and along a fibre-optic cable to an external measuring cell. The light enters the cell through another window fitted with a focusing lens. It then passes through the test sample and out via a further window and fibre-optic cable back into the enclosure and to the dispersive spectrometer module, where the optical transmission or absorbance measurements at 2048 wavelengths are carried out. These measurements are fed into a control computer which calculates the final results.



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