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The Thermo Scientific nuclear level systems provide precise, accurate and repeatable measurements, giving the data needed to increase your process efficiency, run a safer system, produce higher quality products and improve your bottom line. Our nuclear technologies meet point level and continuous level measurement needs from the simplest to the most demanding applications. 


4790 Continuous Gamma Level System

The Thermo Scientific 4790 Continuous Gamma Level System raises the standard for non-contacting nuclear level measurement. The 4790 utilizes microprocessor-based electronics, a menu-driven operator interface, a rugged chamber design and state-of-the-art HART communication protocol. These technologies combine to deliver the most reliable and easy-to-use, generally licensed continuous level system available today. Gamma energy provides a simple, reliable, non-intrusive system to monitor and control the level of liquids, solids or slurries, regardless of vessel size and shape. Because measurement occurs outside the containment vessel, the gamma system is not affected by high temperatures, high pressures, corrosives, abrasives, vapors and dusts that could affect or even destroy intrusive measurement devices. This non-intrusive approach also eliminates the need for routine vessel entries that could endanger personnel or allow fugitive emissions. 


Principle of Operation

Low level gamma energy is emitted in a controlled pattern from a source housing, through the vessel walls, to an ion chamber -based detector (maximum of four detectors) placed on the other side of the vessel. As the material in the vessel fills, the amount of gamma energy reaching the detector is partially blocked, creating a shadow-like impression on the detector. The microprocessor-based electronics mounted in the detector convert the gamma energy into a digital communication signal that is sent via a standard three-wire instrument cable to the level transmitter. The transmitter includes a menu-driven local display and an isolated 4-20 mA DC output signal for operator interface and level indication. All signal processing and system diagnostics are performed within the transmitter. 


M Transmitter 

The M-Series Level Transmitter is reliable, flexible and easy to use. Reliability is greatly enhanced due to the microprocessor-based electronics and digital communications between the detector and the transmitter. Digital signal processing eliminates the effects of vibration and electrical noise on the detector's raw output. Software allows the user to select one of the predetermined engineering units (feet, inches, meters, centimeters, % full) or their own special unit of measure. The user can also select the use of a standard, or adaptive, time constant to compensate for quick level tracking. Ease of calibration is derived from the menu-driven, "fill-in-the-blank" operator interface and backlit 4 line, 20 character per line LCD display . The menu driven prompts, displayed in English, quickly guide the user through the steps necessary to set-up, calibrate and operate the system. All the same calibration and communication functions can be performed remotely with HART communications. Users can even customize unique vessel shapes using a built-in, ten-point calibration curve. The NEMA 4X transmitter with FM and CSA approvals is control room mountable, contains non-volatile memory, accepts multiple input power ranges, and the self-diagnostics continually update the system status to the M transmitter's LCD display. Should an error be detected, an asterisk will appear in the upper right corner of the display. The user simply presses the status key to display the error status message. 



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