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The Master Mag Type K overband separator is a cost-effective and highly versatile alternative to the more expensive electro magnetic separators. Master Magnets pioneered the Type K Permanent Overband Separator back in the 1980's. The revolutionary Type K design was a break through for the recycling and quarrying industries, in that it was the first product designed specifically for use on mobile crushers and able to withstand the most arduous conditions.


The Type K overband magnet is designed to be lightweight with low running costs as it requires no power source for the magnet to operate. The magnet is also self-cleaning, which reduces downtime.


The Type K self cleaning magnet  is mainly used within the quarrying and recycling industries where it would be positioned either inline over the head pulley or across a conveyor belt. Type K overbelt magnets are designed to be virtually maintenance free and are available with either an electric or hydraulic drive. The Type K is the most popular product in the Master Magnets product range for the removal of ferrous contamination


Type K Overband Separators can be used in a wide variety of applications. For more arduous applications, Master Magnets will recommend the use of either an SCB or Heavy-Duty Overband Magnet.


Typical example of applications are;
  • Installation on Mobile Crushers, Screens and Shredders
  • Installation within a MRF (Material Recovery Facility) plant
  • Separation of ferrous contamination in quarries
  • Removal of ferrous materials in mining operations
  • Used in Wood Waste processing applications
  • Separation of ferrous metals in fragmentiser metal recovery
  • Separation of ferrous metals in MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) recovery
  • Removal of ferrous contamination in glass cullet recycling operations
  • Separation of ferrous metals in Kerbside collection recycling
  • Removal of ferrous from Foundry applications



Master Magnets supply Overband Magnets to operate over 150mm - 2000mm conveyor belts. For large conveyor belt widths, Overband Magnets can be custom designed to suit the application. Additional support structures can also be supplied.


If the operating gap is higher than 300 mm, the Type K will incorporate a Tri polar design. The Tri-polar design utilizes massive steel side members to effectively give three poles across the bottom face of the magnet, therefore intensifying the field in the centre of the magnet block. 


The Tri Polar Advantages;
  • Reduces magnetic leakage
  • Reduces belt damage
  • Produces a cleaner frame
  • Achieves a slightly better extraction


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