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The Tectron ® Model 5500 E1 is engineered to be the most sensitive metal detector on the market for installation on conveyor belts carrying coal, minerals, aggregates, and other bulk materials. The Model 5500 E1 can be tuned to ignore conductive ores such as gold, copper or zinc while still detecting small pieces of tramp metal. The Model 5500 E1 is available in nearly any belt width, and is factory customized to fit your conveyor, and can be supplied as a flat-pack under-belt style detector. The modular design makes the Model 5500 E1 easy to install without the use of special tools, or the need to cut the belt, while the field replaceable electronics are easy to operate and maintain. With thousands of units installed worldwide, the Model 5500 E1 has proven to be reliable and durable. 


Why Tectron Engineering?

Keeping production up and running is essential to your operation. Equipment damage caused by tramp metal not only costs you time and money in replacing damaged equipment, but most importantly it costs you production time. Tectron Metal Detectors are designed to protect expensive crushers, grinders, saws and other downstream equipment from metallic contaminants while minimizing false trips. Tectron offers a wide variety of detectors and sensitivities to choose from so you can be sure that you're getting the right detector for the application, all with a 3 year warranty. Manufacturing the most reliable metal detectors for bulk material handling is all we do, and with over 40 years experience, you can rely on the most trusted name in the industry. 


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