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NT heat exchanger plate

Flexible applications

With its NT Series GEA PHE Systems has successfully implemented the results of its innovative research onto the market. This new generation of plates sets economic standards, and is distinguished by low cost levels for investment, operation and maintenance, which in turn increases the profitability of your company.

The optimized plate design requires less heat transfer surface area for the same capacity and brings about a lasting reduction of investment costs. New installation and gasket technologies make maintenance easier and ensure a perfect fit of the gasket and plate pack. The wide range of lengths and profiles available guarantees a design tailored to the exact needs of our customers. Solutions by GEA PHE Systems always fit exactly.



Further details on the NT Series:

OptiWave Design
The optimized wave configuration results in ideal flow across the entire plate width, guaranteeing maximum heat transfer rates.

PosLoc Assembly
With the new NT Series GEA Ecoflex has introduced a self-centering plate system. The result is a stable, perfectly aligned plate pack, with gaskets positioned precisely and remaining functional for a longer time.

EcoLoc Gasket System
Our new, glueless EcoLoc gaskets guarantee fast, uncomplicated replacement of gaskets.


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