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  Smart Cycle®Dual Mode Demand Control

Airtek's patented Smart Cycle demand control reduces energy consumption and maintains a true and constant dew point by loading and unloading or turning the refrigeration compressor on or off in direct response to the actual dew point temperature of the compressed air. The Smart Cycle control automatically adjusts for constantly changing operating conditions.


The Smart Cycle computer eliminates hard wiring and contains a intuitive set of control instructions that provides for a level of precision performance not possible with the conventional systems of switches and relays. The controller simplifies dryer operation by automatically anticipating and executing the necessary operating steps. A nonvolatile EPROM controls all operating functions. The electronics are protected from voltage spikes and electrical shorts by board mounted relays.


Direct dew point sensing and control assures the, driest compressed air possible, and significant energy savings. The Smart Cycle Control employs a patented, quick acting temperature sensor to precisely monitor the temperature of the compressed air at the evaporator discharge and adjusts the refrigeration compressor capacity accordingly. Whether the refrigeration compressor is loaded, unloaded, or cycles off, is determined directly by the rising and falling dew point temperature of the compressed air. The dew point ranges from the low setting of +34 O F to the upper set point of +39 O F (set points are adjustable).


Smart Cycle Energy Savings: When the refrigeration system is completely unloaded, approximately 30% of full load power is used. When the compressor cycles in the standby/off position, no energy is consumed.


Airtek Magnum dryers DO NOT use a hot gas bypass valve. Compressor cylinder unloaders together with Smart Cycle unloading obtain optimum performance and energy savings. In simple terms, a hot gas bypass valve places a false load on the refrigeration system, whereas the Smart Cycle system design does not. It uses only the energy necessary to achieve desired dew point.


Conventional dryers control the evaporator's refrigerant pressure temperature using a hot gas valve with the assumption that if the refrigerant is 33 O F the air will come out at 39 O F. The truth is hot gas valves swing 10-15 psi/8-12 O F between fully open/closed allowing the refrigerant in the evaporator to rise to 40-45 O F before it actually stops adding false load to the refrigeration system. This translates to higher dew points and wasted energy.



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