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     In the reversed osmosis process water is forced across a membrane, leaving the impurities behind. The permeability of the membrane can be so small, that practically all impurities, salt molecules, bacteria are being separated from the water.


      A water treatment process utilizing a membrane to remove dissolved minerals. The process of osmosis occurs in nature, when a pure solution is separated from a saline solution by a semi-permeable membrane. The pure solution passes through the membrane until a pressure differential is reached called the Osmotic Pressure. At this pressure differential, determined by the constituents and concentrations in the saline 









Capacity 1 - 150 m3/h

Residual TDS Down to 1 mg/l

Electrical consumption 0,5 kW/m3

Operating pressure inlet 0 - 8 bar

Operating pressures outlet 2 - 5 bar

Operation temperature 1 - 60°C

Material Epoxy / Fibre glass / PP AISI 304 or 316L

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