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Saimo Provides a complete line of weigh feeders specialized in feeding diversified bulk materials, which are widely used in varius industries such as metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, food, etc. In-motion weighing, totalization and feedrate control can be accurately and efficiently realized on a realtime basis.


Incorporation the lates technologies and years of experience in developing weighing equipements. Saimo has achieved thousands of succsessful installations worldwide and is continuing to pilot the market of weigh feeders. Three different series are available depending on the capacity ranging from 50kg/h to 1,200t/h, with belt width customized from 300mm to 2000mm, and belt length from 1 meter to dozens of meters. The rigid housing is fabricated in open, semi closed or full sealed type ensuring optimal commitment to specific requirements.


integrated with Saimo special purposed digital controller, Saimo weigh feeders have been developed on the base of Saimo's state of the art in motion weighing technology, achieving accurate and reliable performance.


Saimo weigh feeders can be combined with an electric control and PC system to constitute a Saimo Proprotioning Control System, which enriches many operational functions such as date collection, control, alarm, graphics and data display. Batch control and data menagemen can be performed in the production procedure.

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