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Sodium Analyzer Orion_2111XP

Superior Performance and Ease  of Operation

The new Thermo Scientific Orion 2111XP sodium analyzer offers unmatched reliability in analyzing critical sample streams throughout the power/steam generation and industrial water industries. The Orion 2111XP is ideally suited to meet the demanding needs of high purity water measurements and high acid-cation exchange applications, all in one system and all from one of the most trusted names in sodium analyzering.


The Orion 2111XP is offered in three application packages that are uniquely designed to accommodate the changing requirements for successful sodium analyzering.


Our flexible reagent kits are available in prepackaged bottles for safe and convenient replacement – save your valuable time and money!


  • Ammonia Package – for general

purpose sodium measurements,

provides up to 45 days of continuous operation

  • Diisopropylamine (DIPA)

Package – best suited for low

detection range, provides up to   

60 days of continuous operation

  • Cation/High Acid Package –   

for cation exchange breakthrough

and high acid samples, provides up

to 45 days of continuous operation


Maximize up time – the Orion 2111XP provides stable and drift free measurements, eliminating the need for frequent calibration.


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