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The SOLA II is an on-line analyzer used to rapidly determine the total sulfur content of liquid and gas phase samples. The SOLA II enables cost efficient production of ultra low sulfur fuels and economic operation of desulfurization processes with unparalleled accuracy and precision.


Features and Benefits

Unparalleled Precision & Accuracy — Superior performance from 0.25 ppm S to 9000 ppm S

  • Safe Operation — Pure O2 is not required, thereby eliminating the risks associated with oxygen use in a process environment
  • Comprehensive Diagnostics — Potential for coke or soot formation is eliminated, thereby, maximizing analyzer up time
  • Rapid Response — Semi-continuous operation, direction of change in sulfur concentration indicated every 30 seconds
  • Superior Data Communications — Remote operation enabled with unique web browser interface, SOLAWeb
  • Automatic Density Compensation for ppm S (wt./wt.) Measurements
  • Automatic Calibration
  • High Reliability — 99+% on-line time
  • Automatic Control of UV Light Intensity — Calibrations held stable over a long period of time







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