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Tracker-XP On-line H2S Analyzer

Reliable, Safe & Cost-Effective

Capable of measuring in ppm, ppb and percent levels, the Thermo Scientific T racker XP has proven to be a reliable, cost-effective online analyzer that uses a lead acetate tape detector to determine the amount of H 2S in gas hydrocarbon process streams. Because lead acetate tape has no known interferences, the measurement reflects the actual concentration of H 2S present in the stream. This rapid, efficient detection helps to streamline your process, keep your product within specification and ensure regulatory compliance.


Versatile & Configurable

he Tracker XP can be configured to automatically switch between two independently calibrated ranges based on the measured concentration in the stream. Alternatively, automatic stream switching is available for dual stream applications. Using a Thermo Scientific range extension system, it can be configured for a wide variety of calibration ranges and stream compositions. Accurate and versatile, this analyzer ensures a strong return on investment.


Simple Setup & Operation

Setup and operation are controlled by customized software that is installed on a laptop computer. The Thermo Scientific MagnaT ouch ® control display on the Tracker XP permits local viewing of operational status and control of analyzer parameters that facilitates user access when the laptop is not easily accessible to help optimize your operations.


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