AIRTEK - Air Dryer System

Why Dry Air?

Water can be a real problem in a compressed air system. The atmospheric air that surrounds us is contaminated with varying concentrations of hydrocarbons, solid particles and water vapor. When compressed to a working pressure of 100 PSIG,the concentration is increased by a factor of 8 to 1. Untreated compressed air is destructive. If these contaminants are not removed prior to entering the distribution system they will damage air operated equipment, slow down or stop production, corrode the inside of pipes, spoil product, ruin processes, and drive up energy costs. In order to control these costs, and take complete advantage of an efficient compressed air utility, the compressed air must be dried and cleaned before it is used. Airtek refrigerated air dryers purify compressed air by removing dirty water and varnished oil before it can do any damage. Payback, as a result of smoother, faster running equipment, less downtime, less product spoilage, and lower energy consumption, begins immediately. Airtek refrigerated air dryers are high performance, time proven, and environmentally friendly.

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