About Us


PT . Global Haditech is a company established since 1995 starting with general trading and provide solutions to customers and assist them to acquire best products with various alternative brands. We grew up with some reputable equipment manufacturer companies worldwide and being a representative in Indonesia.


After growing as reliable exclusive distributor, our next milestone is entering the area of central engineering and services as an EPC (Engineering , Procurement and Constructions) company and becoming equipment manufacturer in various industries.


The last but not least, Global Haditech Group’s vision and mission are mainly for being a reliable industrial partner in developing this country . Our efforts and presence in the industry not only for creating the values to the stakeholders, but Insya Allah also delivering the benefits for the human being.



PT .  Global  haditech  is  providing  engineering  services  and  products.  Our business covers  area of the following industries below:

1. Oil and gas refinery
2. Petrochemical processing
3. Fertilizer Production
4. Power  plant
5. Mining


We may able to provide integration system of certain usage in above industrial area such as metering system, analyzer system, gas booster station, mineral sampling system, emergency shutdown system and many others. Our ability comes from experiences in this field for almost 20 years.




"Global Haditech Group is a reliable partner which provides sustainable contribution

in development of the national industries and beneficial for mankind"


  • Implement  engineering,  trade  and  construction  of  qualified  industrial equipment at competitive  prices.
  • Providing  added value and satisfaction for customers.
  • Employee welfare  and care of the poor .


  • Moral honor
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism


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