Principal Products


Differential Pressure Transducer


Flow rate measurement of aggressive and non-aggressive media –particularly for large pipelines. 



Orifice plate with welded-on handle/spade for direct installation between fla nges with smooth sealing faces. Available as a sharp edged, rounded or quarter circle nozzle according to appropriate conditions of use. 


Differential-Pressure Measurement 

Normally taken through the flange blade or in the pipeline at distances a1 and a2 from the orifice. There is a differentiation between pressure taps as flange taps according to DIN 19214 (figure 1) and D-D/2- pressure tapping within the pipe (figure 2) whereas a1 is equivalent to the pipe diameter D and a2 is identical with D/2. In special cases the pressure tapping may occur norm-like as corner tapping in the flange (figure 3). 


Sealing surface type 

The installation takes place between flange and orifice flange. The types of sealing are smooth (DIN 19206 part 1), nos e- and tongue (DIN 19206 part 2) and lens (DIN 19206 part 3). According to API- and ANSI-regulations as smooth make and as ring-joint-gasket (RTJ). 



The table to the right shows the most usual materials for the orifices. The given temperatures are guiding data. When selecting the material special consideration has to be taken for aggressive materials. Other special materials are available. 


Material Certificates 

Material certificates i.e. according to EN 10204 can be supplied for the used materials. 



Flanges, seals and pressure taps are not included in the standard scope of delivery for the orifice plate but may be ordered sep arately. For shu t-off valves , condensate p ots and manifolds p lease refer to detailed data sheets. 

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