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HL400 Series H2S in Oil Analysers

  • Measurement specific to H₂S

No interference from other components

  • Wide range capability

Fully configurable between 0-2ppm to 0-1%

  • Single point calibration

Low operational costs

  • Touch screen

Eliminates the need to open the enclosure

  • Many application

Measures H2 S in most liquid hydrocarbons, including crude oil.

  • Optional alarm outputs

Monitors low/high sample flow or paper break/motor failure

  • Up to 4 detection modules per controller

Minimises capital investment



With its wide-ranging ability to measure H₂S in liquids from % levels down to ppm levels, the HL400 range of H₂S process analysers can be utilised in many process industries, including the measurement of dissolved H2 S in crude oil.


The Analyser consists of a stripping system coupled with a NovaSulf TM H2 S Analyser. The liquid sample enters the top of an insulated, heated sample handling cabinet via a flow controller to maintain a constant sample flow. Nitrogen flows down a vertical tube to a sintered plug located within the liquid and then flows up through the liquid. As the nitrogen mixes with the liquid hydrocarbons it strips out the dissolved H2 S in the liquid. The degassed liquid falls into a reservoir and then to the drain. At the same time, the nitrogen containing H2 S in proportion to that in the original liquid is piped directly to the NovaSulf TM HG 400 series H2 S Analyser to be measured.

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