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Get high security for the liquid process with the Centec InTrap system.


Integrated in the production, equipped with an optional continuous differential pressure measurement, the InTrap System can be designed for many applications downstream Blending or Additive Dosing systems as trap back flushable filtration. Single stage or multistage with redundancy minimises production stops.


The Centec Trapfilter system InTrap can be designed as a manually operated unit with pressure indicators or as a fully automated System with its own PLC. Using filter cartridges with optimised pore sizes increase the production time. Combined with an automated backflush system which is controlled by differential pressure measurement, the lifetime of the filters will be maximised. On request the InTrap system can be designed as a skid mounted unit. This minimises the installation work. Integrated in an existing process control system (SCADA) the quality management gets higher transparency about the production. The system meets all hygienic standards and is fully integrated in the CIP cleaning 





Capacity 50-1500 hl/h

Diameter DN25-DN150

Temperature 2°C-85°C

Pressure 0-8 bar

Deposition Rate 0,2µm-100µm

Cleaning CIP up to 90°C

Material 1.4301 / 1.4404

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