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BLA 200 Ring Chamber Orifice Plate


For differential-pressure flow-rate measurement in aggressive and non-aggressive gaseous and liquid media and steam. 



Two-part carrier-ring with pressu re-taps according to DIN 19205 and exchangeable orifice plates. It can be delivered as an orifice according to ISO 5167-2, as quarter circle nozzle or as a double coned orifice according to appropriate conditions of use. Carrier-ring and orifice plate are supplied with a flat seal. The seal is chosen to suit accurately the medium and the working conditions and the ring chamber orifice plate is secured against damage during transport and installation. 



As the orifice plate is easily exchangeable alterations in the criteria of measurement are greatly simplified. The ring chamber tapping reduces faults caused by installation; it provides a good average value between the plus and minus pressure-values. 


Quality assurance 

Production and check go along with the relevant guidelines such as TRD, "AD-Merkblatt" and customer-specifications. Material certificates according to EN 10204 3.1 A and B . 



The table below shows the customary materials for carrier-rings and orifices. The choice is according to medium, pressure and temperature. The given temperature-scopes are guiding data. Especially for aggressive media you have to consider the individual application. 


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